Full Concert

Brings to the stage an evening of exciting dance which is both compelling and inspirational. Experience beautiful dancing and brilliant choreography that is entertaining and thought provoking. The program is designed with a deep commitment to use dance to enrich the human spirit and the eclectic styles appeal to a wide audience.

Mini Concert

Designed to reach a smaller, more specific target audience such as children, students and special community outreach programs. Presented with narration, these performances offer a unique perspective on dance through the choreographers eye and the power of dance to move the human spirit.

Lecture Demonstrations

Audiences with little or no dance background as well as those interested in the professional dance process are sure to enjoy this insightful lecture series. Opening with a staged dance warm-up and progressing to movement themes the audience will be treated to a selection of repertory performances by the company members. The series ends with an open forum.

Why Dance?

School mini-performances. Why dance? explores dance traditions of different cultures and helps students discover and understand dance and how eloquently dance speaks as a universal language. *Students will have an opportunity to actively participate in the performance.

Master Classes

Brings the experience of taking a dance class into communities and schools. The class consists of a warm-up, exploration of movement themes and choreographic phrases. While one instructor directs the class other company members offer hands-on instruction. The use of guided improvisation in the class allows everyone to experiment with their own natural movement and explore their own creative potential. The classes can be designed for the beginning, intermediate and advanced level students making dance a comfortable and rewarding experience.

Children's Production

"Tales of East" based on the classic Japanese and Chinese folktales "The Stonecutter" and "Li Che and the Dragon", this enchanting concert blends western dance with oriental masks and puppetry to bring these tales to life for children and adults.