Southern Exposure

“Southern Exposure” is a multi-media dance/ theater work by Mary Pat Henry, inspired by the photographs and artwork of renowned artist William Christenberry’s “Klan Room”. Drawing on the striking images of Christenberry and the memories of Mary Pat Henry, growing up the in South during desegregation, “Southern Exposure” asks us to question “prejudice” and look back to history to see who we were and who we are now.

Set on the artists of the Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company and using the pop music from the 60’s, social conscious jazz artists such as Nina Simone, gospel artists, and an original score , in collaboration with the Marrs Sound Archives, “Southern Exposure” is a music journey to an era and a people that defined America at its best and its worst. With original film by video artists Jeffery Cady and scenic/costume designer Antonia Roberts, “Southern Exposure” embodies, visually, a pivotal time in America full of social graces and racial prejudice.

Choreographed By
Mary-Pat Henry